Top 5 Best Kept Secrets about Cabo San Lucas

1) Cabo does not have the best beaches.  First of all, the beaches are public which means that you will constantly have vendors coming up to you while you are trying to soak up the rays, selling everything from bracelets to blankets.  Medano Beach, which is the main beach in Cabo, is actually pretty narrow and the sand bank is a little steep heading into the ocean.  Also, even though most resorts tout calm swimming water here, when the tide is coming in and going out, there’s a pretty strong undertow that swimmers need to take into account.  Head down the highway towards San Jose Del Cabo and the beaches widen out and are flatter.

2) The Office, an on-the beach bar known for its wild partying atmosphere where the “Real Rambo” will pour shots of tequila down your throat, is a great place to have a drink and people watch. It’s right on Medano Beach is close to town and gets rowdy when cruise ships are docked in the bay.  But for better food and a more laid back ambiance, go across the street to its sister restaurant, Edith’s.  Edith’s is definitely pricier, but it is considered one of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

3) The largest spa in Cabo is the Desert Spa at Villa Del Arco.  The three two story spa boasts nineteen massage rooms with two couple’s rooms.  It also has separate men’s and women’s areas complete with a steam rooms, saunas, hot and cold plunge pools and showers.  For $10.00 anyone can get a day pass (even if you are not staying at the resort) to use their facilities.

4) While snorkeling in Cabo isn’t as fantastic as say the Caribbean, the best snorkeling in the area is at Chileno Bay. The reef, just offshore, is home to manta rays, sea fans and lots of other tropical fish.  You can either take a guided snorkel tour or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, just bring your own equipment (or if you need to rent some there is a new dive shop here).  Cab rides are a little expensive from Cabo (about $30.00) but the public bus will drop you off if you ask and it will cost about $1.50.

5) Most visitors are lured by a day trip to Todos Santos (one hour North of Cabo San Lucas) where supposedly the famous Hotel California is located.  There is a Hotel California here, but the Eagles and Dave Henley have never stayed at the hotel nor was it the inspiration for the popular 1970’s song.  Nevertheless, there are daily tours to the hotel from Cabo San Lucas and vendors hawking t-shirts and other memorabilia keeping the urban legend alive.


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